Here you will learn about the positive and negative effects of Imperialism in Australia

Positive Effects of Imperialism:

1) Australian colonies united under a federal constitution as the Commonwealth of Australia- The main land of Australia, the island of Tasmania and other small islands in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

2) Became a dominion- self-governing in domestic affairs but still in the British Empire


Negative Effects of Imperialism:

1) Native people and non-Europeans were excluded from democracy and prosperity

2) Diseases brought by the Europens killed the Aborigines (Aboriginal people) and the Maori (natives of New Zealand)

3) As Australian settlement grew, colonist displaced or killed Aborigines

4) Between 1845 and 1872, the colonial government fought the Maori through a series of wars

5) Maori driven into a remote part of the country

McDougal Textbook